Refurbish Glass of Broken Screen

ACOS LCD is refurbishing your broken LCD by changing the glass as long as your LCD works good but the glass is broken.
- Your LCD will looks like new again.
- Greatly save your money. Apple and Samsung customer service charges around 300$ for changing new LCD. And local repair store charges also very high.

How it work?

  • Make sure your LCD is working good with only glass broken.
  • Make the refurbish service order according to your phone model.
  • Disassemble the LCD from the phone. If you don’t know how to disassemble it, you can also mail us the whole phone except battery, sim card, microSD card, battery cover. We strongly recommend that you disassemble at least the logic board besides those mentioned above.
  • Mail the package and upload the tracking number on your service order.
  • We receive the package and check.
  • If your LCD meets the refurbishing requirement, we will do it and mail back to you by mail freely. Tracking number will be upload to the service order, so you can track.
  • If your LCD does not meet the refurbishing requirement, we will inform you. Either we can mail it back by air freely or you can sell it to us if it meets our recycle requirement.