Sell Your iPhone Broken Screens or Samsung Broken Screens for Refurbishing and Cash

Best Price Buying Broken LCD Screens Refurbishing LCD for broken lcd

Thank you for your interest in sales of LCD screens to us ! We understand and appreciate your interest in iPhone LCD and Samsung LCD recycling, you are playing a part in this green -friendly initiatives.

Sales iPhone LCD screens and Samsung LCD screens, the most popular LCD monitor recycling company where one would like to make the process as easy as possible . All you need to do is fill in the form below , print it out and send it with your LCD screens to us.

Of course, if your iphone and Samsung mobile phone glass screen is broken, we can also carry out renovation replaced for you. Repair iPhone screen or repair sanmsung screen.

A detailed description below, you will know how to properly pack your screen , keep them safe and in good condition in the shipment , to change a good sell iPhone LCD screens and Samsung LCD to us.

  • To keep the screen saver and save space, pack your LCD screen . So , if you send a group of LCD screens , each of the two face to face.
  • The double back to back against the screen to be sent to any other screen .
  • Depending on the size of the box you use , the screen should be about 10 heap to heap . ( Do not stack more than 10 , because it can be transported to our mobile phone LCD recycling process caused damage to the company ) .
  • Use bubble wrap around each stack of screens or other cushioning material .
  • Ensure bubble wrap or cushioning material , sound recordings, so it does not open up during transport , the screen comes off the place was damaged .
  • And packing peanuts or other material , which will provide the buffer tank filled box liner .
  • Layer of bubble wrap in the middle of the box screen and surround them with packing peanuts .
  • The best is to add some padding to be transported in any layer between the screen . For example, if you want to send more than one set of bubble wrap , padded envelopes between the screen layer , so that the movement in the transport process is impossible .
  • Add some packing peanuts on top of the padding.
  • The tape cassette is closed, and therefore it is safe , and sends it to the recovery of our Expert Panel !

Your screens to the best state , we can give you credit is very important, so it is best to take your time to make sure everything is carefully packaged . Our team of experts on these ACOS LCD screen , make sure you get everything you give.